We co.create with you the city we want to live in

The lab team offers different tools to enhance the relation and communication between local citizens, communities, politics and administration. Our toolbox is filled with methods from social research, co-design, community building and urban art. Now matter if you just need a fresh view or a partner for a long term participatory city planning process: We create a collaborative experience and offer insights how urban commons and sharing will change our cities.

We have structured our approach in four labs: the vision lab, the make lab, the place lab and the polis lab. One lab works as a stand alone but they are best combined into a whole process. Explore some of the examples below and feel free to contact us if you are interested to know more or if you want to collaborate with us.


vision lab

In the Vision Lab we take a look in the close future and ask for the common vision of how we want to live together. Through different creative formats we open up the view from the day-to-day to the utopian and back to the day-to-day – the future starts now!



place lab

The Place Lab: We always start by getting to know the place. What is the genius loci, what is the history, what are the common experiences that people share at this place? We work with these qualities by trying to make same more visible, by opening up new perspectives and by simply being there.



make lab

The Make Lab follows our directive „think with your hand“. Through co.making you will not only develop more diverse ideas but you will also experience your capabilities as a community – now matter how small. Making works without words and enables underrepresented communities to participate in decision-making. Through visualizations and models we are able to express much more detail then through any written communication.



polis lab

The polis lab is the arena that we create for collaboration between all citizens of the city, in Greek: the polis. How can we decide differently, commonly? We believe that our democratic system is fantastic, but that we have to recreate it with every generation. How can we connect to the old idea of the polis and reinvent the future?