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We lecture and teach on all unversity levels, but we always work with partners outside academia and regard our research based in and aiming at the networks of city-makers: people who practice the in their everyday. When you are looking for a research partner or want us to teach in you setting, please contact us.

Practicing the

A builds on the basic idea that the city belongs and is actively made by all its inhabitants. To foster this processes of co.making the city, new governing practices are produced through cultural activities like open air cinema and neighborhood walks but also through design and build activities like building of public furniture, urban gardening which could transition into long term developments of public spaces and new forms of urban governance.

These different co.activities have different qualities of commitment, of participation and also different time-frames. To consider these different qualities both in terms of organization and time frames, and to develop an idea what challenges have to be considered on which level we developed a process model, which brings together four levels or principles that should not be seen in a linear model, but more as complementary ways of practicing a

From Co.Culture to Co.Governance


Culture is a vehicle to enable common experiences, shared by a wide range of people. Every cultural experience that was experienced as open to all, addressing different audiences not only through openness of access but also through the topics addressed, fosters some sense of community shared storytelling. Co.Culture in the sense of a general, common awareness of the value of doing and experiencing things together is the second meaning of the term.



Co.Design emphasizes the need for collaborative, common experimenting and planning in order to establish a broader awareness of how things could be achieved in collaboration across societal groups. Co.Design aims at involving present and future audiences and users.



Being part of realization creates local storytelling, a heritage of: We did it, this is what we created. The contributions could be many, from baking a cake for the opening event, to building a public piece of furniture, to planting or caring for plants in an urban garden.




Being part of a network or group of people that is responsible and in charge for a project or a process is always a learning field for co.governance. Establishing mechanisms and processes that enable multiple stakeholders to interact and share responsibilities and decisions is maybe one of the most challenging activities in creating the Co.City.